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About MBA

With over fifteen years of experience working in the trenches with businesses big and small, MBA Consulting has developed a unique appreciation and understanding for the needs of micro and small business entrepreneurs. A knowledge base that enables MBA to be innovative in our approach to help clients develop a logical plan to achieve their goals.

Within the expanding MBA Family of professionals is a base of expertise ranging from finances and new product launches to intellectual properties and strategic planning. While MBA team members have a diverse level of experience, their one common denominator is their adeptness to understanding the real world needs of micro and small business entrepreneurs.

Leading the MBA team is company president Gene Fairbrother. Gene has counseled tens of thousands of businesses of various sizes and stature. His corporate background as a "trouble shooter" enables Gene to identify the needs of a company, develop a plan of attack and communicate it succinctly to other team members.

Gene is regularly sought out by national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Time, Money Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., CNN and other national media looking for professional expertise on marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. MBA has been singled out by one national magazine as "one of the best small business consulting firms in the country" and another national publication aptly referred to Gene as "The Dear Abby of small business". In sharing his expertise on business, Gene has also authored over 300 published business columns and spoken throughout the country on small and micro business topics.

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